Startup is the global waste money in your pocket.

The future of the world's trash can be money in your pocket?
Hello investors, today we will analyze the Recyclix. The startup recycling, which promises to transform the world TRASH Cash in your pocket.
The Recyclix is ​​a unique pioneering company in the world. The first Startup whose goal is to merge intelligently the opportunities of the Internet and the business to help the recycling industry to develop in the most efficient way possible.
The Recyclix implements and manages several investment projects in Europe and has its headquarters in Warsaw. In the near future plans to extend its influence to other countries as well. This Startup already collaborates a long time with leading international companies engaged in the production and recycling of plastics.
With a consistent team of highly qualified specialists who have extensive experience in the industry, as well as knowledge and unique skills. Thanks to their work, which is based on the highest standards of business and professional ethics, this startup is achieving excellent results in the shortest possible time frames.
"The mutually rewarding collaboration is the key to the success of any project and our service is no exception." Team Recyclix 2016.
The Digitamoney implemented a restrictive policy of investment sites in the Startup mode. This is because our mission is purely educational. In order to monitor the activities of these sites, and bring to our investors, the actual investment in these niches, newly created by the marketing revolution, caused for the most part by Bitcoin.
Recyclix is ​​the first, and one of the few Starputs that suited this restrictive policy.
When asked about why the work of Recyclix, the team reports the company's intention:
We aim to protect the interests of all participants of our projects and conduct our business intelligently. All registered users become default in prosperous affiliate business and real environmentalists. The Recyclix uses only environmentally friendly technologies that do not harm the ecosystem and help to recover it. We combine ecology and business because we believe that our future will the two!
We want to make the traditional European model recycling more profitable and technically flawless, using our online service with pioneering capabilities. We stay up to date on the major changes in the recycling industry of the economy in Europe thanks to close ties with representatives of the regulators of the industry.
Our other intention, which is not secondary all, is to provide a consistent performance over the long term to all participants of our project, regardless of the type of partnership scheme that they have selected. The success of our business partners involves production growth, geographic expansion and high profitability. We want our partners to earn more because it is also profitable for us.
The recycling of plastics is the most profitable branch of the recycling industry:

The plastics consumption increased by 20 times over the last 50 years;
86% of European plastics are exported to China;
Only 20% of all plastics are recycled in the world, the rest is still incinerated;
The profits of the recycling industry in 2014 were valued at 372,000 million euros.
The statistics speak for themselves. The industry has a vast growth potential, while there is almost competition in the market and the government does not support well enough the industry to launch the required amount of facilities. Currently the recycling industry is one of the most promising and profitable low-risk investment areas!
Europe is second in global production of plastics with 20%, while China ranks first with 24.8%. On the other hand, the demand for plastic is growing continuously and the growth of this industry have a far-reaching effect in several key sectors of the European economy. The plastics industry plays a key role in the development of innovations in various fields of science, not only in Europe but also around the world
Finally, everything looks very good, and profitable for investors. But the investor Digitamoney values ​​the safety, and within an educational didactics, advises not to invest large amounts in these types of investment. We expect Recyclix and his team is an example of startup investment for the hundreds who are born every day, and most are scam.
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You have invested in the Ethereum? It's time to think about it.

You have invested in the Ethereum? It's time to think about it.
If you have never invested in Ethereum, it's time to revise his views on cryptocurrency.
The success of Ethereum brought intelligent contracts in focus.
"... Ethereum is the smartphone Blockchains: a universal platform, where all you want to build, you can just build it as an 'app' and Ethereum users will be able to benefit from it immediately, without downloading any new special software. "Vitalik Buterin
The Ethereum platform has generated much controversy in recent times particularly after the crowdfunding DAO - or decentralized autonomous organization - and the subsequent rise of the platform currency price, ether, less than a dollar to $ 15 in six months. the sound level of clarity was also reached on the differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin platform. But because the Ethereum continues to grow? And it can be one of the best cryptocurrency investment in the medium and long term.
This understanding, though still little known, which can be an opportunity, allowed the two main platforms cryptocurrency in the world. Ethereum and The DAO to provide enthusiasts, a clear vision to make the best investment options.
Ethereum is appreciated by the popularity that brought the intelligent contracts whose programming is made a basic principle of power Blockchain.
Mark Paraa future Ethereum however, despite the delirium, compared with Bitcoin and the high expectations of optimistic ETH ecosystem, 'Expectations but future, are still set to between 2017 and 2018, according to Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, in his article "projects Ethereum Opportunities and Challenges for private and Blockchains Consortium: Consortium launched by R3 Metropolis.
Vitalik, speaks of future Ethereum projects, including:
-Launch Browser the Mist, planned for summer / fall 2016.
-Serenity ( 'Ethereum 1.5'): release of proof of participation (Casper) version of Blockchain including also Ethereum Proposals for improvement (PEI) 101 and 105. expected in early 2017.
- WebAssembly Liberation ( 'Ethereum 1.75'): Faster virtual machine. Expected in 2017.
- Ethereum 2.0 (unnamed): initial version scalability. Expected in late 2017.
- Ethereum 3.0 (unnamed): release scalability "unlimited". Expected in late 2018.
If these milestones are anything to go by, then nothing has happened yet at ETH ecosystem. From the smartphone blockchains the computer world as Buterin says, the Ethereum's vision is to be 'the computer world. "

A platform where economic consensus is the power of abstraction of a virtual machine Turing complete stateful. That's Genial !!!
It aims to be a platform that allows developers to create applications easily benefit from the decentralization of property and security of Blockchains without the need to create a new Blockchain for each new application.
This is different from previous protocols that are seen as single-function tools, such as pocket calculators. He writes: "... Ethereum is the smartphone Blockchains: a universal platform, where all you want to build, you can just build it as an 'app' and Ethereum users will be able to benefit from it immediately without download any new special software. "
All Blockchains get a sense of history and a sense of a state transition rule, he explains, which is expected to produce positive responses to any transaction to be considered valid and included in a block.
But Ethereum, the design is a bit more complicated as the state can be described as the set of all accounts where each account or is an account held externally (OAE) or a contract. Codes stored Contracts
As an EOA, the state simply stores the account balance in the number of ether sequence and is used to prevent transaction replay attacks. On the other hand, it stores the contract code and storing it in a database key values.
"In simple terms, rather than imposing a set of rules directed to a particular application, Ethereum allows users to write programs that define any rules they want, load the programs Blockchain, and Blockchain will interpret the rules for them," he writes. This could explain why the contract mechanism was used in Ethereum public Blockchain.
It has been used in many ways, including as databases to keep track of backed securities issuer, such as "smart procurement", such as financial contracts, custody and multi-protocols such as auctions, and as "software libraries. "
This allows the code to be written and published in Blockchain once and then used by anyone else Questions Buterin He said: "The basic technical advantages of Blockchains, including reliability, security, auditability and decentralization, are now well understood but what is less understood is the specific areas where these advantages shine ...
"How and when would be the point to be understood? and what it is likely to change when the understanding was established? He also stated that "... a full-Turing state machine massively replicated, that anyone in the world with the ability to buy 0.3 cents ether can load code that each participant in the network will be forced to run on your local machine ...
"That sounds like a platform that is expected to accommodate hundreds of millions of users. As such, he asks the question whether there would be a risk of increased user access rate in the future to contain the level of security concerns that may arise. because? while we wait meantime, while waiting to see new features revealed, it is appropriate to focus on issues and their impact attendant on Ethereum project. with about $ 168 million poured into its formation by 10,000 investors, the success of the DAO is still being monitored as a test case.
This article was developed with collaboration of: - Official Trading Platform Ethereum.
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Credit Card Pre-Paid and security investments.

Credit card Prepaid and security investments.

Hello investors, many subscribers of our channel on youtube, always ask. How to deposit in a brokerage or investment platform outside of Brazil?
We have reported numerous forms, such as an exchange house or international credit card.
But many find the process done in very complex exchange offices and in the case of credit card, the rates are high. Therefore, it is quite often the doubts about virtual banks and prepaid credit card. Are they safe?
At present we have good virtual banks such as Paypal, Perfect Money, Payeer and others. They all have a good standard of safety. But a service in this mode takes the lead as the oldest and most reliable market. We are talking about Neteller.
Neteller is a site that functions as a virtual bank that has existed for over 10 years, but only recently has become popular among Brazilian investors. This is due to the increase in online shopping number and investments made abroad, but also the great advantage of Neteller: A free credit card.
With Neteller, you can make payments and other money transfers with prepaid credit card with Mastercard flag, which is known as Net +.
online shopping and transfer to investments with Neteller credit card are safe and to acquire it simply visit the company's official website and perform your registration.
In addition to safety, agility in virtual shopping and acceptability in several stores and brokers abroad, the Net + Prepaid MasterCard can be linked to PayPal, so you can use the two virtual banks together.
The advantages of the card does not stop, another advantage is that with the card you can withdraw cash at ATMs MasterCard network anywhere in the world. Another benefit is that you can generate a virtual card number only to certain purchase instead of giving the number of your card.

Neteller sends the money to the virtual store, Brokerage or investment site, performing the transfer immediately.
To register to sign up for Neteller is simple. After filling all the requested data to make the register in Neteller, you can now request your Net +, which takes around 20 days to reach your address, along with your password.
The credit card is like any other, with chip and PIN technology works with the (four-digit password) that ensures greater security of your transactions.
Time to apply for the card, it is normal that the Neteller requires an email with your identity and scanned proof of residence in order to prove your age and your address. Therefore, the electricity bill, water or any other bill you send should be in your name and be no more than three months ago. In seven days you receive confirmation by email.
You can choose in which currency you want to work with your card. Having no real available for financial transactions, the most common is to choose the dollar, which is used in almost all online stores and most of the investment platforms. To use the Net +, however, you must deposit money into the account linked to it, it makes you control your spending.
Credit card keeps on your payment account eWallet. To load it, you only need to deposit money in the electronic wallet.
Much of the investor Forex Markets, Crypto-coins and other investment platforms work with Neteller for that guarantee the security of transactions.
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ICO- Xaurum the largest currency backed by GOLD is growing on 18 July.

Most currency backed by GOLD is reborn on July 18

The Xaurum, cryptocurrency backed by gold, and it has the second highest market price, this being reborn in an event called RICO: Rebirth ICO. The event will be similar to ICO, although technically, the process of minting through which new coins are created will now be open to anyone. Coining is usually reserved for those with 1,000 Xaurum and serving as a Masternode. There is no pre-set prices for Xaurum: instead of coining price will follow their regular formula, discussed below.
The proceeds of this sale will allow the team to make some major changes to the protocol. It will move out of Blackcoin blockchain and intelligent Ethereum contracts. It will buy additional gold using a new agreement with the NADIR gold refinery, based in the Middle East. The currency will be divisible into 8,000 shares, and its ticker will change to XAUR XAU.
Details Sale
How are the funds collected? Once the RICO begins, interested investors can make an account in receive the ICO addresses used for BTC, ETH, Lisk and XAU and codes for bank transfers to USD, EUR, GBP and RUB. Participants with fiat currencies will have to comply with the laws / AML CSC.
Distribution Coin At the time of writing, there are 7,487 Xaurum in existence. There is no established distribution during this RICO - who want to buy a new Xaurum can do it.
Rate During this RICO, anyone can mint new Xaurum at a price determined by formula. In general terms, that works out to about an average of the market price of Xaurum and its price floor in gold. At the time of writing, the cost of minting is $ 266, with a Xaurum market price of $ 411 and an underlying gold value of US $ 97. The rate will follow the formula during RICO, though it can never go below the last price used for minting.
Project Evaluation This does not lend itself to an assessment. On July 14, the underlying value of all Xaurum was approximately $ 890,000, and the amount of cryptocurrency market is $ 3 million.

How are they used? Xaurum is designed to function as a digital currency, with some characteristics that resemble modern fiat currencies. It is backed by gold. The process of creating new guards currencies against rampant inflation and deflation.
The blockchain itself is secured through a model of proof-of-play.
What is the market for these coins? The Xaurum does not seem to be designed as an investment asset. If people wanted gold, they could only buy it themselves, and Xaurum surrender value should not approach the market value of gold. Rather, it is a functional decentralized currency with some characteristics of modern money management systems.
How are they produced? Each Xaurum entering the circulation is supported by a certain amount of gold that is at least as high as the reason current Xaurum.
Xaurum enter the circulation, either through mining or coining. In mining, people contribute to a hashpower multipool that mines other currencies; proceeds are used to add to the stock of gold and miners are paid proportionally Xaurum.
The coining process is a bit more complicated. People can buy new Xaurum with fiat currencies through "mint", which are configurable through Masternodes (us with at least 1000 Xaurum). The Xaurum minting price may vary based on several factors, including the Xaurum trading price, the currency ratio, and the gold market price. The formula encourages the coining when the trading price is high, enabling the Institute Aresco to buy new minting gold and increase the rate of raising the minimum price. At least it can not be lower than the last price used for minting, which means it will always increase.
The minting method is designed to decentralize creation Xaurum (and profits) because having more Xaurum does not give an advantage in minting costs. Once a node acquires Xaurum 1000 and establishes a mint, there is no marginal benefit of acquiring new Xaurum. It is important to note that there can be only one Masternode per thousand Xaurum in circulation; Currently, this limit is seven.
The Xaurum is further cryptocurrency investment option. And it seems a good opportunity to have practice in the Gold Market. The well-oriented investor can make Xaurum an excellent source of income.
Rico Xaurum event visit:
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